September 27, 1996

Joseph Marchese wrote to inform me that…
“PROMISES, PROMISES is getting its first-ever New York revival this February. It’s been selected to kick off the season at Encores!, the concert series at City Center th

at revives classic yet overlooked musicals in concert form. The show promises an all-star cast and will employ the original orchestrations. PROMISES only runs 5 performances (although a transfer for an open-ended run is always a possibility!) and I think every Bacharach-ite will be rushing to get tickets for one of NY’s hottest theatre events in ages. Now if only Capitol would re-release the PROMISES albums on CD….!”

September 13, 1996

Today Gramercy Pictures releases the long awaited film “Grace of My Heart,” director/writer Allison Anders’ fictionalized account of the life of an American songwriter from

the late 50s through the early 70s. The film features perhaps Burt Bacharach’s finest composition in 15 years, a collaboration with Elvis Costello on “God Give Me Strength.” Here is a Time article that talks about the song, the film and the recent spate of 60s derived pop entertainment.
Here’s a Time review of “Grace of My Heart.”

September 5, 1996

Jeff Gower wrote to say that those in search of Bacharach albums on compact disc should check out the on-line vendor CDEurope, where you can find Woman, Futures, Make It Easy On Yourself, Living Together, and Burt Bacharach on CD. They’re pricey (U.S. $25-$40), but if you can’t find the original LPs or if your copies are worn or scratched, CDEuope’s stock might be a worthwhile investment; I’d heard a while back that there are no plans to reissue any Bacharach albums in the foreseeable future (Reach Out, FYI, was reissued by A&M/Rebound Records in ’95).