May 7, 1997

Jeff Gower writes:
“Perhaps you already know this, but the legendary jazz pianist McCoy Tyner (played with John Coltrane and many others) has recorded a new CD of all Bacharach interpretations. It will be on Impulse! records and will be released on May 13.

The title is ‘What the World Needs Now – The Music of Burt Bacharach’.”

May 2, 1997

“Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” open today! The new film by SNL vet Mike Meyers , about a swinging London photographer/spy frozen in the ’60s and defrosted in the ’90s, features a cameo by Burt as well as a soundtrack featuring Burt and the Posies on “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and former Bangle Susanna Hoffs on “The Look of Love.” Plus, there’s some Mike Flowers Pops, Sergio Mendes, Quincy Jones and more.

Check it out!

May 1, 1997

No, I’m not dead or asleep at wheel (well that one’s debatable). Sorry I haven’t updated the site recently, but there’s so much to update, it’s kind of a daunting, intimidating task. Any suggestions for updating priorities? Anyway, let’s start by acknowledging March’s smashingly successful revival of Burt’s 1968 Broadway show “Promises, Promises.” The production, starring Martin Short and featuring a showstopping turn from Christine Baranski, was a hit with both critics and fans. Please check out Steve Schenck’s review below (on April 1). That’s when he sent it to me, at least, although I’ve just got around to adding it to the page.

May 1, 1997

Roberto Pinardi just sent me a list of Bacharach-Warwick dates in America.

How he found out this information from Italy, I don’t know.

August 5 Myrtle Beach, VA
August 7 Westbury Music Fair, Long Island, NY
August 8-10 Atlantic City, NY
November 9 Dallas, TX
September 27 Dionne Warwick performs in Los Angeles for a concert “Honoring Hal David.” Might Burt make an appearance?