July 13, 1997

I’ve added two relatively recent articles to the Bacharach articles repository, one from USA Today, The Music World’s in Love with Bacharach Again, and one from The New York Times, Jazz Taps Maverick of Pop Songs.

Also, Joseph Marchese wrote to inform us that relatively reliable sources say that Varese Sarabande has reached an agreement with Bacharach, David and Neil Simon to record a new version of Promises, Promises. Instead of the Encores! cast of Martin Short, Christine Baranski, et al., the new recording will feature the Los Angeles concert presentation cast, which starred Jason Alexander, Jean Smart and Alan Thicke. And most significantly, the Los Angeles performance includes a new song cowritten by Bacharach and David especially for the Encores!

revival, “You’ve Got It All Wrong,” their first significant collaboration in years. According to Joseph, the song melded perfectly with the rest of the score, indicating that Burt can recreate his 60s pop style when he wants to.

July 1, 1997

Alec Cumming wrote to update me that the long-awaited Bacharach Box Set on Rhino is now scheduled for a spring 1998 release.

Also I’ve finally added a new discography sent to me by Davide Bonori to the discographies section. This one is excellent in that includes information on the many Bacharach/Warwick records available on CD, most as European imports (as well as a few Japanese).