September 24, 1998

Roberto H. De La Garza submitted all of Painted From Memory’s lyrics, taken from the excellent, up-to-date Elvis Costello site. Thanks Roberto and thanks to Craig Smith, who contributed most of the lyrics to the EC site.

Alec Cumming adds yet another update on Burt sightings:
Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach will be making an in-store appearace – and performing some of the music from PAINTED FROM MEMORY (as a duo!) – at the Virgin Megastore at Union Square in New York City on Saturday, October 3rd, at 10 pm. The Virgin Megastore is on 14th Street at Broadway in Manhattan – (212) 598-4666. (God, am I happy to be a New Yorker!!)

And: the rumored Elvis/Burt date in London is scheduled for the Royal Festival Hall on October 29th – and ticket info should be in the London Times this Sunday.

September 22, 1998

Paul Hale checks in with this explanation of the Burt/Elvis Webcast:

Just thought you’d like to tell your visitors, will be hosting a listening party from 9/22 to 9/29 of the new Burt Bacharach/Elvis Costello records “Painted From Memory.” In case you don’t already know about it 🙂

They will have an EPK that runs about 8 minutes long as well as samples from each of the 12 tracks on the record, accompanied by a slide show taken from a previous Burt/Elvis live performance.

Also, a full length track “I Still Have That Other Girl” will be available as a “broadcast only” on 9/22 and 9/28 at 10pm ET. People will only be able to hear this full length track at the specified time and dates….it will not be available in its entirety until the release date.


And our raving reporter Alec Cumming checks in with this tasty tidbit?

Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello will be making an in-store appearace at Tower Records in New York City on Thursday, October 1, at 6 p.m. I don’t know

if they’ll be playing live music, but certainly they’ll be signing copies of PAINTED FROM MEMORY.

They’ll be at the uptown Manhattan Tower Records store, located at 66th and Broadway (1961 Broadway). The phone number for the store is (212) 799-2500. A chance to meet ‘n greet Burt Bacharach is a rare thing indeed, so c’mon down!


And last but not least, Roberto Pinardi has submitted coppermark bank routing code

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