June 9, 2000

I did a minor update on the bio page. I’d appreciate it if you Bacharach fanatics could check it for factual errors on my part as well as write me with additional facts or trivia you think should be added.

Here’s a little something special–Dueling Burts. In the far corner we have Canadian heavyweights Barenaked Ladies. In the near corner we have American heavyweight Barbra Streisand (with a little help on vocals…). Who wins? You decide.

June 8, 2000

This is the official statement from Burt’s spokesperson regarding his schedule:

Los Angeles, June 7, 2000 — For the first time since partial replacement of his left shoulder in April, Burt Bacharach performed this past Saturday at a show for a charity with which he’s personally involved, with the intent of resuming touring. Unfortunately, after shortening the show because of the pain and discomfort he felt during the performance, as well as the following day, Mr. Bacharach has cancelled his June engagements to allow another month of recovery and healing time.

June 6, 2000

(Opening of the National D-Day Museum here in New Orleans, by the way)
I have three announcements. First of all, I have a call and an e-mail in to Burt’s spokesperson to shed some light on the discrepancies between the tour itinerary supplied to me by Bob Fead yesterday and the information that’s been gathered by fans in the U.K. and elsewhere. Hopefully, I’ll have an answer within 24 hours.

Secondly, for those of you who curse this site’s cumbersome URL, I have gotten a new address you can use, http://welcome.to/bacharach. I’m not on a new server; the welcome.to address simply redirects traffic to this page. Hopefully, this will make remembering AHINAH’s address a little easier. Thirdly, I’ve fixed the problems with the audio/MP3 section. It should work properly now, although since I’m running it off of my office computer, the speed of downloads could vary considerably (depending on whether I’m playing online Jeopardy or reading the Onion or something). A few of the MP3s, “Nikki” and “My Little Red Book” to name two, continue to give me (and I’m sure a lot of you) problems. I will most likely have to re-encode them, that is if Art Boonparn ever gives me back all the Burt CDs I lent him ;). Finally, I know you’ve all heard this before, but as of right now, I plan to work on the site quite a bit in the next month or two, upgrading it where I can and keeping it up to date, so as usual, I deeply appreciate all the kind words and Burt-fo-mation that you share with me through e-mail or the discussion forum. Thanks.

June 5, 2000

This may be old news among you Burt congnoscenti, but I just got off the phone with Bob Fead of the Burt Bacharach Music Group who informed me that, due to his recent shoulder injury, Burt has canceled all immediate upcoming engagements. He will still appear at the Royal Albert Hall tribute show, but he will most likely not perform.

The dates for which Bob says Burt expects to be recovered and able to perform are as follows:

July 21-23
National Concert Hall
Dublin, Ireland

July 27
Westbury Music Fair
Westbury, N.Y.

July 28
Mann Center for Performing Arts
Philadelphia, Penn.

July 29
Count Basie Theatre
Red Bank, N.J.

Oct. 5
Phoenix Celebrity Theatre
Phoenix, Ariz.

Oct. 7
Louivsille Symphony Hall
Louisville, Ky.

Any mistakes above are not Bob’s fault but mine due to sloppy note taking.