July 26, 2004
Judging from the e-mails I’ve gotten in the past two weeks, Burt’s recent tour of Italy was a resounding success. Thanks to the many Italian fans who have written me and posted reviews of Burt’s recent performances there in the discussion forum. I’ve also received a few photographs.

Roberto Ugolatti submitted these photos of Burt’s July 13, 2004, performance in Modena, Italy.

Derek Stewart contributed these two photos of Burt in Modena.

Stefano Puracchio sent these photos of Burt in Pescara on July 15.

Massimo Mastico sent these photos of Burt before and after his performance in Pescara on July 15.

Edoardo sent this photo of Burt in performance at the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia on July 16.

Peter Johansson sent in these photos of Burt and his band in rehearsal prior to their performance in Rome on July 19.

Thanks again to everyone.