At This Time to be released Nov. 1

Columbia Records is scheduled to release At This Time, Burt Bacharach’s new solo record, on Nov.

1. Here is the press release announcing the record. Also, I’m told there will be a very limited edition of vinyl LPs available, so if you’re a vinyl aficionado or a collector of all things Bacharach, keep your eyes out for that special limited release.

At That Time info

At This Time, Burt Bacharach’s new solo CD, is scheduled to be released in September on Sony UK. A correspondent on the Bacharach discussion board says the album—which features 11 new songs cowritten with Tonio K and Dr.

Dre among others—may be released as a dual CD/DVD and despite the scheduled release date, it may not be released domestically until January 2006. More info as it becomes available…