Italy concert dates officially announced

RavelloFestivalIn what is probably old news to many of his fans there, Burt has officially announced a number of concert dates this summer in Italy. On July 16, he’ll perform as part of the Ravello Festival in breathtakingly beautiful Ravello, Italy, and on July 18, he’ll be at the Festival del Vittoriale in Brescia, Italy.

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Bacharach reunites with Costello for new musical has more details on the new musical Burt and Elvis Costello are working on based on their 1998 record Painted From Memory.

The songs I am working on with Burt Bacharach are not being prepared for recording. Initially they are being prepared for performance on stage and for a musical. The production will have to reach a certain degree of success before we would think about an original cast record where we would represent at on record. That might not even more as automatic as it used to be because as you know the business of making records has changed quite a lot. Before every little thing was recorded. Now, not so much.

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Burt on the Brill Building

Burt_New_York_a_250x375There’s a brief article on Burt in the March 24 issue of New York magazine, but yesterday Vulture ran the extended version, with Burt talking to interviewer Rebecca Milzoff about his Brill Building days.

Hal and I wrote some very terrible songs early on. There was a song called “Underneath the Overpass,” and another called “Peggy’s in the Pantry.” Very bad songs. There were a lot of turndowns in that period. Bob Hilliard and I had written a song, it might have been “Take Me to Your Ladder,” and we went over to play it for a publisher named Goldie Goldmark. He let us make a demo. We went to see him maybe two months later, when he’d had a chance to show the song, and Goldie said, “No good. Nobody wants it.” Bob Hilliard was very funny. He said, “Goldie, lie to me! Just tell me somebody likes it.” “No, nobody likes the song.”

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Burt to perform at les Nuits de Fourviere Festival

home-actuJust got word that Burt has added an appearance at les Nuits de Fourvière in Lyon, France, to his already busy summer tour schedule. The multidisciplinary arts festival takes place each summer in Lyon’s open-air Roman amphitheater. Burt will perform at the festival on July 14 at the Grand Theatre, which at 4,400 seats is the larger of the festival’s two stages. Opening the show is the Divine Comedy, a British band whose sound owes a significant debt to Burt’s innovations. Tickets for the show are available now via the festival’s website.

Live in Canada 1977

YouTube user Tullio Gai posted this great find, a good-quality version a 1977 television special featuring Burt performing live in concert in Edmonton, Canada. That was right around the time of Burt’s Futures album, and this show with a full orchestra includes a number of songs from that outstanding release, including “No One Remembers My Name,” “Futures,” “Another Spring Will Rise” and the great “I Took My Strength From You,” featuring vocalist Josie Armstead. It also features (for better or worse) the Bacharach-Bobby Russell obscurity “Charlie,” performed by Sally Stevens. Enjoy!


Here’s Bobby Vinton’s original version of “Charlie.” Not sure about those lyrics, but the music’s nice.

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Bacharach to headline three festivals in U.K. this summer

Burt and his band will headline the 2014 Wilderness Festival in the Oxfordshire countryside.

Burt Bacharach will headline the 2014 Wilderness Festival, which takes place Aug. 7-10 in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside.

In addition to the previously announced concert dates, Burt has added three U.K. festival appearances to his summer 2014 itinerary. On July 11, he’ll perform at the Henley Festival in Henley-on-Thames, England. On Aug. 7, he’ll appear at the Brecon Jazz Festival in Brecon, Wales. And on Aug. 9, he’ll headline the Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire, England.

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New concert dates in Japan and U.K. announced

Burt-BacharachBurt Bacharach appears to be giving Bob Dylan a run for the money. Burt’s version of Bob’s “Never Ending Tour” continues with the announcement of 15 upcoming shows in Japan and the U.K.

In April, Burt returns to Japan for the first time since 2012 with a whirlwind tour that promises nine concerts in eight days. The tour kicks off on April 10 with a concert at NHK Hall in Tokyo. On April 11, 12 and 14, Burt will perform two shows per evening at Tokyo’s Billboard Live. Next, it’s off to Osaka for a concert at Osaka’s NHK Hall on April 16. Burt wraps up his Japanese tour on April 18 with a performance at Kyoto Concert Hall in Kyoto.

This summer, Burt and his band head to the U.K. for performances at London’s Royal Festival Hall on July 23 and 26; at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall on July 28; at the Edinburgh Playhouse on July 30; at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall on Aug. 1; and at Liverpool’s Empire Theatre on Aug. 3. This is Burt’s second tour of the U.K. in as many years. Tickets for the U.K. shows are available via

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