congrats mark

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crazy for burt
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congrats mark

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wanted to add my voice to the new choir, congrats mark

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Way to go, Mark!!!

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Oh, Mark, I am so excited to see this new and wonderful MODERN board!! I wanted you to get this a long time ago, so I am REALLY excited to see this.

Congratulations, Mark, once again on this great move!

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Thanks and congratulations are hardly called for, but I appreciate the kind words. I still think phpBB offers more bells and whistles than necessary, especially when you're on a dialup (am I the only one who hates having to wait for all those silly Emoticons to load?), but it's clearly an improvement over the old WWW board. And best of all, NO MORE ADS!

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It's great to see this wonderful improvement over here Mark. I'll spread the word over at A&M Corner about the new Forum location.

Great move!
Harry from A&M Corner

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