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Site update

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I've (finally) updated the main images page with captions, so the pictures are slightly less mystifying. Unfortunately, over time I've lost the names of some of the people in the photos and the names of some of the contributors, so if you have any info regarding subjects or submitters, please let me know.

Incidentally, the images page continues to be a royal pain. I'm still searching for a format I like and that's easy to update. I'm leaning toward pairing down the main index and adding links to sub galleries of related pictures, e.g. the album and CD cover gallery and the Supper Club images gallery. We'll see if that works out.

I've also found some old articles, circa 1998, that I never got around to adding to the media section. If I can find the time over the next week, I'll try to transcribe and post a few of them.

Thanks to everyone who's registered a user name with the forum. We're up to 22 registered users in only three days, which is really encouraging. Again, you don't have to register to participate in the forum, but registering a username enables you to take full advantage of all of phpBB's features, so I highly recommend if for regular posters.

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