moto .. burt & macca help

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moto .. burt & macca help

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Spinning the first few Beatles US LPs for the 1st time in a decade (forget the orig. Brit LPs set lists ... 'With The Beatles' etc. yecch ... to me Capitol wrote the dramatic Beets tune-by-tune listening list LP by LP, so great (thnx VeeJay too). Maybe it's just the Capitol LPs set list of my childhood amplifying my love of those tunes .... yes I know the Capitol LPs were kind of against the Beet's wishes and not historically accurate etc., at least expressed later by the boys .... but musically inspired somehow.

a: an obvious post I can't search thru now with the new site configuration ... has there been Burt/Macca collaboration talk ... I can't remember either as real admirers of the other ... maybe Elvis C. could be the marriage counselor and write the bridges and sing the likely passionate tunes. Is there a dissonance between Burt and Paul Mc's work? Why haven't these two collaborated? This must be an obvious thought on this site ... please repost any good answers to this Q and pardon my redundancy.

b: I don't think I've ever read Burt's thoughts upon first hearing "Meet the Beatles" etc. Here were writers in Burt's league in 1963, them likely not hearing Dionne's 1962-3 or so stuff but admirers beforehand. Hey Burt what did you think of these 20yearold dudes with your modern conception of pop writing in dem old days? Was there any slight competition between you and Hal and them ... it seems the stars were aligned and Burt, John, Paul were in a wonderful writing groove from 1962-on, but oblivious to each other in the main.

Please students write a 500-word essay on this subject.

thnx igtmfo

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