Burt and Umbria Jazz Festival 2004

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Roberto Pinardi

Burt and Umbria Jazz Festival 2004

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Yes, Burt in Italy!!!!!



Burt and Jazz

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This is awfully interesting!
I wonder if Burt will tailor his show to the theme of the festival. I bet he will play his wonderful instrumental version of Wives and Lovers.
What other songs you think he would choose to approach in its entirety -- and do you think he will change his arrangements to some extent?


What Burt will perform: thoughts and wishes

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I gave more thought to my own question.
I reproduce here the post I wrote for the forum at the Umbria Jazz Festival, hoping that will spark the interest of some who may not be aware of Burt's jazz sensibilities.

I want to congratulate the festival on the choice of Burt Bacharach. His music has been deeply influenced by jazz and bossa nova. He always credits Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk (and be bop in general) as well as bossa nova for being like a breath of fresh air to him. Jazz, in particular, was a decisive influence that changed the course of his life, as his exposure to be bop made him decide to stick with music when his mother stopped pushing him to continue to learn piano.
He also talks about the great joy he takes from playing piano at home, stuff that will never be recorded and no one will ever hear or remember. I bet what he likes to play is sheer improvisation and/or variations on themes he wrote or otherwise simply enjoys. How wonderful if he should want to share with you some of that personal joy. I believe this is a great chance for him to let go.

I am sure Burt will play his wonderful instrumental version of Wives and Lovers from his 1971 self-titled (Burt Bacharach) album and included in several collections in which he performs his own works.

I wonder if he'll play Time and Tenderness, which he wrote and recorded with David Sanborn (album: Futures).

I also figure that the wonderful suite And The People Were With Her could be performed, as well as Nikki (BB), Bond Street (Reach Out), Summer of '77 (Woman), and New York Lady (Woman). I guess it all depends on how much effort he will be able to put in rehearsing for this show, as some of these works are difficult to play and Burt often neglects them in live performances.

This is an opportunity in a lifetime to see this great genius perform in a way he's not given to doing for audiences with a more limited appreciation for the depth and versatility of his talent.

Sonny Tuckson

Mr. X ?????

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Mr. X = Burt Bacharach? :D



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Burt has a set show. I prefered his show in the 1970's where he would perform his instruments as recorded,with just the girls singing a line or two here and there. I think those shows showed him in his element.
Since the 1990's he changed the show to have the "singers" sing the entire songs, dont know why he did this. Maybe it's different times I guess.


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Long medleys now. More full versions then. But sometimes he palys NY Lady, sometimes Bond Street, but not always.

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