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Hi everybody,

I guess you were wondering what was going on with me. I must apologize for this long delay between getting some news to you all, however, since the beginning of the year I have not had enough time to get two deep breaths into my body. I do hope you all understand, anyway, where do I begin? (as said when starting to rehearse a song), from the left hand corner, so..........

Since the last letter to you, I have been practically around the world on my 40th anniversary world tour. We spent 6 weeks in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, each hugely successful i'm happy to report, in fact some of the reviews were so good it was as if I paid the reviewers (smile). We flew directly to dallas from Hong Kong (verrrry looooong flight), did a show the day after arrival, everyone but me, (of course), got to go home, I had to fly to Los Angeles for interviews and meetings. I finally got home to New Jersey for just long enough to run by my moms, give her a hug, unpack, and repack to leave for our next performance. I think you might be getting the idea now as to why you haven't heard from me?!

My book, "My Point of View" has been released in Europe, and I am writing you from Italy. I am doing a mini book tour, kind of testing the waters, and it has been sensational so far. I've been to Germany, Switzerland, Amsterdam, and am now in Italy. I am hoping to begin promoting the book at home very soon, and of course, when this happens, the dates will be posted on the web site, and I expect to see you ALL.

The duets project is going very well, just a bit slower than anticipated, however, we (my duet partners and I) are all either on tour, or not available at the same time, however, I am going on record, this will be completed, and ready for the holiday season, and I might add it truly will be well worth the wait.

I can't think of anything else at this time, keep looking at the website for new things that will be coming up. So, everybody stay well, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Keep smilin'


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What is Dionne's book about? Is it an autobiography?? Does she say a lot about Burt & Hal? Is the book for sale now??

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