Syfy's HELIX -- a B-H-D theme song?

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Syfy's HELIX -- a B-H-D theme song?

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Syfy premiered the thriller Helix, yesterday. You'll see below that Burt's music is mentioned in relation to it.

What is the song? Is it really a theme song? When is it played? Any info at all? (Syfy's website will provide access to the the first episode to people in the US and maybe some other countries. I wasn't able to watch it.)

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Look, if the theme song to Helix is going to be some upbeat Burt Bacharach-style elevator jam, then obviously the team behind Syfy's new horror-thriller Helix aren't taking the show entirely too seriously and recognize their show can also be fun.

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And kudos for using a perky Burt Bacharach melody as an ironic counterpoint to all the horrific mayhem. I wouldn't walk on by this one.

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"And then as we were thinking, we had the idea to try to do something different musically. And initially we weren't thinking about doing a lot of songs.

"And I think it was one of our producers who actually came up with the old Burt Bacharach song and the Dionne Warwick version and we're like, "Yes, that would be awesome."

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