What Has Burt Learned?

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What Has Burt Learned?

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Re: What Has Burt Learned?

Post by Jerry »

Thanks for posting this. Interesting how I learned more about him from this article than everything in his autobiography. Brevity is all...

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Re: What Has Burt Learned?

Post by face »

Thanks for that link! Burt is really a character, isn't he?

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Re: What Has Burt Learned?

Post by vincent.cole »

Bonjour Enormous BB Fan;

Thanks for the article on Burt!

This explains how Burt can tour around the world @ all most 87 years of age! That daily routine keeps Burt fit!

How grateful his many legion of fan appreciate that Burt still is doing concert dates. For one, I am!!!

Take care Mon ami.


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Re: What Has Burt Learned?

Post by blueonblue »

I agree with Jerry, this little interview tells us more about Burt than his book did.

Enormous, thank you for posting.

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Re: What Has Burt Learned?

Post by Rio »

Excellent. Thanks.

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