Burt on the Brill Building

Burt_New_York_a_250x375There’s a brief article on Burt in the March 24 issue of New York magazine, but yesterday Vulture ran the extended version, with Burt talking to interviewer Rebecca Milzoff about his Brill Building days.

Hal and I wrote some very terrible songs early on. There was a song called “Underneath the Overpass,” and another called “Peggy’s in the Pantry.” Very bad songs. There were a lot of turndowns in that period. Bob Hilliard and I had written a song, it might have been “Take Me to Your Ladder,” and we went over to play it for a publisher named Goldie Goldmark. He let us make a demo. We went to see him maybe two months later, when he’d had a chance to show the song, and Goldie said, “No good. Nobody wants it.” Bob Hilliard was very funny. He said, “Goldie, lie to me! Just tell me somebody likes it.” “No, nobody likes the song.”

To read the article in its entirety, visit Vulture.com.

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