Bacharach reunites with Costello for new musical has more details on the new musical Burt and Elvis Costello are working on based on their 1998 record Painted From Memory.

The songs I am working on with Burt Bacharach are not being prepared for recording. Initially they are being prepared for performance on stage and for a musical. The production will have to reach a certain degree of success before we would think about an original cast record where we would represent at on record. That might not even more as automatic as it used to be because as you know the business of making records has changed quite a lot. Before every little thing was recorded. Now, not so much.

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One thought on “Bacharach reunites with Costello for new musical

  1. Hello Burt,
    As a man who appreciates a talented female singer and as someone who can certainly pen a tune or two, have you seen Sally Barker , who at 54 yrs. old is in The Voice UK final this Saturday 5th April 2014. She has the ability to reduce anyone to tears with her old soul renditions of classic songs including the best version of you Walk On By ever! She has the face and conveys pure emotion with every song she sings and we cannot say enough about her. We are massive Dusty Springfield fans , Sally touches you deep inside. Please Please PLEASE see and hear her on YouTube if you are not already aware of her. She had a very promising career after backing Bob Dylan & Robert Plant in the 90’s but sadly her career was interrupted when she her Husband sadly died of cancer and as a good Mother she put her career on hold to bring up her children who are always in the audience of The VOICE UK. Tom Jones has mentored her ( although as an old style musician/singer you would doubt she needs it). She is most understated and serene on stage and down to earth and certainly does justice to anything you have written. We are not experts, and don’t know Sally personally, but appreciate that this Lady has something very special that Burt Bacharach should see & hear for himself.
    Please tweet or send Sally Barker a message of support if you feel that we are justified in this amateur but heartfelt message to you for which we have nothing to gain other than to see Sally Barker on tour and get the success she truly deserves.
    Thank you for your time we have every faith in you x

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