Elvis Costello has two projects with Burt Bacharach in the pipeline

364660-488fd548-2d97-11e4-8424-141fab601c36The Australian has some comments from Elvis Costello about his recent work with Burt on the Painted From Memory and Austin Powers projects.

“He has the energy of a man many years his junior,” says Costello. “And he still has a phenomenal gift for melody. We wrote these songs for Painted from Memory that I’m really very fond of and that people seem to still hold with a lot of affection. So to write more of them and then have something totally in contrast like Austin Powers is fantastic. We’ve written about 30 songs since November.”


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“Anyone who had a heart would love Burt just as much as I do”

Burt-Bacharach-WildernessSimon Kelner of The Independent has a nice review of Burt’s performance at the Wilderness Festival.

The hits came with such rapidity – often, one merging into another – that we were left marvelling at the sheer scale of Burt’s oeuvre. Did he really write that? And that, too?  “What the World Needs Now” was followed by “This Guy’s in Love”, which was followed by “Close to You”, which, in turn, was followed by “Trains and Boats and Planes”. And so it went on, Burt playing those unmistakable lilting melodies on the piano, deep into the night.

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“Wilderness Festival 2014 review – A Poshstock for foodies”

Wilderness festival

From Mark Beaumont’s review in The Guardian of the 2014 Wilderness Festival:

But Burt Bacharach owns Wilderness, tossing out stone-cold classics on Saturday night at a rate of roughly one a minute – What’s New Pussycat?, Walk on By, I Say a Little Prayer, a stunning Anyone Who Had a Heart – as if to show that he has more hits in a single medley than the rest of the weekend combined. The perfect dinner party digestif. Mint.

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Brecon Jazz: Burt Bacharach opens the 2014 festival

JS43602745Karen Price of Wales Online has this review of Burt’s performance at the 2014 Brecon Jazz Festival.

The veteran musician may have recently celebrated his 86th birthday but the six-time Grammy Award winner and three-time Oscar winner from Kansas City shows no sign of slowing down any time soon, mouthing the words to his hit songs as he energetically played piano.

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Review: Burt Bacharach, Empire Theatre

JS43338610Jade Wright of the Liverpool Echo wrote this article about Burt’s Aug. 3, 2014, performance at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

After three standing ovations Burt was finally allowed to leave the stage, but not before a voice shouted from the crowd “when are you coming back again?” He laughed as he responded “I wish it was tomorrow.”

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Italy concert dates officially announced

RavelloFestivalIn what is probably old news to many of his fans there, Burt has officially announced a number of concert dates this summer in Italy. On July 16, he’ll perform as part of the Ravello Festival in breathtakingly beautiful Ravello, Italy, and on July 18, he’ll be at the Festival del Vittoriale in Brescia, Italy.

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Bacharach reunites with Costello for new musical

Elvis-CostelloNoise11.com has more details on the new musical Burt and Elvis Costello are working on based on their 1998 record Painted From Memory.

The songs I am working on with Burt Bacharach are not being prepared for recording. Initially they are being prepared for performance on stage and for a musical. The production will have to reach a certain degree of success before we would think about an original cast record where we would represent at on record. That might not even more as automatic as it used to be because as you know the business of making records has changed quite a lot. Before every little thing was recorded. Now, not so much.

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