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Alec Cumming, 12/24/95


The following chronological discography of Bacharach recordings was compiled in part by Alec Cumming, co-producer of the Rhino box-set The Look of Love: The Burt Bacharach Collection.

When the title is in CAPS, that means it's an ALBUM or MOVIE. When it says (BB 4/2/62), for example, that refers to the date the song first appeared on the Billboard charts, not the release date.

Davide Bonori has compiled two Bacharach discographies from his home in Italy, a categorical and alphabetical discography and a chronological discography, both of which includes a treasure trove of information about Bacharach on CD, including many of the European imports (imports to America at least).


"Another Time, Another Place," Patti Page (1956)

"I Cry More" (From the movie "DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK"), Alan Dale, Coral 61699, 9/56


"Warm And Tender" (From the movie "LIZZIE"), Johnny Mathis, Columbia 40851, 3/57

"The Story Of My Life," Marty Robbins, Columbia 40864 (pop #15) 11/57 (BB 12/9/57)

"Sad Sack" (From the movie "SAD SACK"), Jerry Lewis, Decca 30503, 11/57

"The Bell That Couldn't Jingle," Bobby Helms, Kapp 85, 11/57


"Magic Moments," Perry Como, RCA 7128 (pop #4), 1/58 (BB 1/20/58)

"Sittin' In The Tree House," Marty Robbins, Columbia 41208, 7/58

"The Blob" (From the movie "THE BLOB"), The Five Blobs, Columbia 41250 (pop #33) 9/58 (BB 11/03/58)

"Christmas Day," Johnny Mathis, Columbia, 1958


"With Open Arms," Jane Morgan, 1959

"Heavenly," Johnny Mathis, Columbia LP 8152, 8/59

"Faithfully," Johnny Mathis, Columbia LP 8219, 12/59


"And This Is Mine," Connie Stevens, Warner Bros. 5217, 5/61

"Please Stay," The Drifters, Atlantic 2105 (pop #14, R&B #13) 6/61

"Love In A Goldfish Bowl" (From the movie "LOVE IN A GOLDFISH BOWL"), Tommy Sands, Capitol 4580, 6/61

"Tower of Strength,,"Gloria Lynne, (pop #100), 1961

"Loneliness Or Happiness," The Drifters, Atlantic 2117, 8/61

"I Wake Up Cryin'," Chuck Jackson, Wand 110 (#59 pop - #13 R'n'B), 8/61 (BB 8/21/61)

"One Part Dog, Nine Parts Cat," Dick Van Dyke, Jamie, 1961

"Tower Of Strength," Gene McDaniels, Liberty 55371 (Pop #5, RnB #5), 10/61

"Baby It's You," The Shirelles, Scepter 1227 (#8 pop, #3 R'n'B) 12/61 (BB 12/18/61)


"Another Tear Falls" (From the movie RING-A-DING RHYTHM), Gene McDaniels, Liberty 55405, 2/62

"Mexican Divorce," The Drifters, Atlantic 2134, 2/62

"(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance," Gene Pitney, Musicor 1020 (pop #4) 4/62

"Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)," Chuck Jackson, Wand 122 (#23 pop, #2 r&b) 4/62 (BB 6/2/62)

"Tower of Strength," Gene Pitney, Musicor LP track, 1962

"Make It Easy On Yourself," Jerry Butler, Vee-Jay 451 (pop #20) 7/62 (BB 8/18/62)

"The Love Of A Boy," Timi Yuro, Liberty 55469, 8/62

"Don't You Believe It," Andy Williams, Columbia 42523 (pop #39) 9/62

"Only Love Can Break a Heart," Gene Pitney, Musicor 1022 (pop #2), 9/62

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself," Tommy Hunt, Scepter 1236, 9/62

"It's Love That Really Counts (In the Long Run)," The Shirelles, Scepter 1237, 9/62

"Keep Away From Other Girls," Helen Shapiro, Columbia [UK] 4908, 10/62

"Don't Make Me Over" b/w "I Smiled Yesterday," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1239 (#21 pop, #5 RnB) 10/62 (BB 1/5/63)

"Anonymous Phone Call," Bobby Vee, Liberty 55521, 12/62

"Donít Make Me Over," Andy Williams, Columbia, 1962


"Call Off The Wedding (Without A Groom There Can't Be A Bride)," b/w "Keep Away From Other Girls," Babs Tino, Kapp 498, 1/63

"This Empty Place" b/w "Wishin' And Hopin'," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1247, 3/63

PRESENTING DIONNE WARWICK, (LP including "I Cry Alone," "Don't Make Me Over," "I Smiled Yesterday," "This Empty Place," "Wishin' And Hopin'".....), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 508, early 1963

"Let The Music Play," The Drifters, Atlantic 2182, 3/63

"Baby It's You," The Beatles (from the PLEASE PLEASE ME LP), Parlophone UK, 3/63

"Move It On The Backbeat" b/w "A Felicidade," Burt & The Backbeats, Big Top 3087, early 1963

"Blue On Blue," Bobby Vinton, Epic 9593 (#3) 5/63 (BB 6/1/63)

"Be True To Yourself," Bobby Vee (with the Johnny Mann singers), Liberty 55581 (Pop #34) 6/63 (BB 7/20/63)

"True Love Never Runs Smooth," Gene Pitney, Musicor 1032 (#21), 6/63 (BB 8/3/63)

"The Breaking Point," Chuck Jackson, Wand LP 654, 1963

"Saturday Sunshine" b/w "And So Goodbye My Love," Burt Bacharach, Kapp 532, 7/63

"Make The Music Play" b/w "Please Make Him Love Me," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1253 (pop #81) 7/63

"If I Never Get To Love You," Lou Johnson, Big Top 3115, 8/63?

"Blue Guitar" b/w "(They Long To Be) Close To You," Richard Chamberlain, MGM, 13170, 9/63

"Wives And Lovers," Jack Jones, Kapp 551 (pop #14), 10/63 (BB 11/30/63)

"Reach Out For Me" b/w "Magic Potion," Lou Johnson, Big Top 3153 (Pop #74) 10/63

"Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa," Gene Pitney, Musicor 1034 (#17) 10/63 (BB 11/16/63)

"Look In My Eyes, Maria," Jay & The Americans, United Artists 669, 11/63

"Anyone Who Had A Heart" b/w "Love Of A Boy," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1262, (pop #8) 11/63 (BB 1/4/64)

"Who's Been Sleeping In My Bed?," Linda Scott, Congress 204, 12/63


ANYONE WHO HAD A HEART (LP featuring "Anyone Who Had a Heart," "Walk On By," "Any Old Time Of The Day," etc.), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 517, 1964

"To Wait For Love," Jay & The Americans, United Artists 693, 1/64

"Walk On By" b/w "Any Old Time Of The Day," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1274 (pop #6) 4/64 (BB 5/9/64)

"From Rocking Horse to Rocking Chair," Paul Anka (RCA; 1964)

"Wishin' And Hopin'," Dusty Springfield, Philips 40207 (pop #6), 6/64 (BB 7/11/64)

"I Cry Alone," Maxine Brown, Wand 158, 7/64

"A House Is Not A Home," Brook Benton, Mercury 7203 (Pop #75) 7/64

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself," Dusty Springfield, Philips UK 1348, (UK #3) 7/64

"Anyone Who Had A Heart," Cilla Black, Capitol UK, 1964)

"You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart)" b/w "A House Is Not A Home," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1282 (pop #34), 7/64 (BB 9/19/64)

"Me Japanese Boy I Love You," Bobby Goldsboro, United Artists 742, 7/64

"Message to Martha," Jerry Butler (Veejay, 1964)

"To Wait For Love" b/w "Accept It," Tony Orlando, Epic 9715, 8/64

"(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" b/w "Magic Potion (Instrumental)," Lou Johnson, Big Hill 552 (pop #49), 8/64

"Long After Tonight Is All Over," Irma Thomas, Imperial (orig. unissued), 8/64

"Here Comes the Forgotten Man," Jimmy Radcliffe, Musicor, 1964

"I Cry Alone," Ruby & The Romantics, Kapp 615, 9/64

"Kentucky Bluebird (Send A Message To Martha)" b/w "The Last One To Be Loved," Lou Johnson, Big Hill 553, 10/64

"Reach Out For Me" b/w "How Many Days Of Sadness," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 1285 (pop #20) 10/64 (BB 11/7/64)

MAKE WAY FOR DIONNE WARWICK (LP featuring "(They Long to Be) Close To You," "In the Land of Make Believe," "You'll Never Get to Heaven," "A House is Not a Home," etc....), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 523, 1964

"Forever Yours I Remain" (from MR. LONELY LP), Bobby Vinton, Epic, 11/64

"The Bell That Couldn't Jingle," Bobby Vinton, Epic 9741, 11/64

"Rome Will Never Leave You" (From the TV Show "Dr. Kildare"), Richard Chamberlain, MGM 13285, 11/64

"There Goes The Forgotten Man," Gene McDaniels, Liberty 55752, 11/64

"(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me," Sandie Shaw, Reprise 0320, (Pop #51, UK #1), 11/64

"Message To Martha," Adam Faith, Amy [UK], 11/64

"Love is Here Before the Stars," Brian Foley, Kapp, 1964

"Send Me No Flowers" (from the movie SEND ME NO FLOWERS), Doris Day, Columbia 43153, 12/64


THE SENSITIVE SOUND OF DIONNE WARWICK (LP featuring "How Many Days of Sadness," "Is There Another Way to Love You," "Wives and Lovers," "Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So," "Only the Strong, Only the Brave," "Forever My Love," "That's Not the Answer," "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head"), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 528, 1965

"Live Again," Irma Thomas, Imperial (orig. unissued), 1/65

"Fool Killer," Gene Pitney, Musicor LP 3043, 2/65

"Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So" (b-side of "Who Can I Turn To?") Dionne Warwick, Scepter, 3/65

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" b/w "Trains And Boats And Planes," Burt Bacharach, Kapp 657 (UK #4 for "Trains...") 3/65

"What The World Needs Now Is Love," Jackie DeShannon, Imperial 66110 (pop #7) 4/65 (BB 6/19/65)

"Look In My Eyes, Maria," Cliff Richard, Columbia [UK] EP 8405, 5/65

"Trains And Boats And Planes," Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas, Imperial 66115, 6/65

"What's New Pussycat?" (From the movie "What's New Pussycat?"), Tom Jones, Parrot 9765 (pop #3) 6/65 (BB 7/3/65)

"Here I Am" (From the movie "What's New Pussycat?"), b/w "(They Long To Be) Close To You," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12104, 6/65

WHAT'S NEW PUSSYCAT (Soundtrack LP), United Artists 5117, 1965

"My Little Red Book" (From the movie "What's New Pussycat?"), Manfred Mann, United Artists LP 5117, 7/65

"What's New Pussycat" b/w "My Little Red Book," Burt Bacharach, Kapp 685, 7/65

HIT MAKER, THE MAN! BURT BACHARACH & HIS SONGS (LP, reissued as "Burt Bacharach Plays His Hits!"), Burt Bacharach, Kapp 1447, 1965

"A Lifetime Of Loneliness," Jackie DeShannon, Imperial 66132 (pop #66), 9/65

"Looking With My Eyes" b/w "Only The Strong, Only The Brave," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12111, 9/65

"Make It Easy On Yourself," The Walker Brothers, Smash 2000 (pop #16), 10/65, (BB 11/13/65)

"Are You There (With Another Girl)" b/w "If I Ever Make You Cry," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12122 (#39) 12/65 (BB 1/22/66)

HERE I AM (LP featuring "Here I Am," "Winow Wishing," etc...), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 531, 12/65


"Made In Paris," (From the Movie MADE IN PARIS), Trini Lopez, Reprise 0435, 1/66

"Promise Her Anything" (From the Movie PROMISE HER ANYTHING), Tom Jones, Parrot 9809, 2/66

"Message To Michael" b/w "Here Where There Is Love," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12133 (#8 pop, #5 R&B) 3/66 (BB 4/23/66)

DIONNE WARWICK IN PARIS (LP featuring "Message to Michael," etc...), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 534, 3/66

"My Little Red Book," Love, Elektra 45603, 4/66

"Any Day Now," Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, 1966

"Come And Get Me," Jackie DeShannon, Imperial 66171 (Pop #83) 4/66

"Trains And Boats And Planes" b/w "Don't Go Breaking My Heart," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12153 (#22) 6/66 (BB 7/16/66)

"Alfie" (From the movie ALFIE - U.S. version only), Cher, Imperial 66192 (#32), 7/66 (BB 8/20/66)

"Windows And Doors" b/w "So Long Johnny," Jackie DeShannon, Imperial 66196 (Pop #108) 7/66

"Alfie," Cilla Black, Capitol 5674, (Pop #95, UK pop #9), 8/66

"After The Fox" (From the movie AFTER THE FOX), Peter Sellers & The Hollies, United Artists 50079, 9/66

AFTER THE FOX (Soundtrack LP), United Artists 5148, 1966

"I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" b/w "In Between The Heartaches," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12167 (#26 pop, #20 RnB ) 9/66 (BB 10/22/66)

"Another Tear Falls," The Walker Brothers, Smash 2063, 10/66

"I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself," Smokey Robinson & the Miracles, 1966

"Nikki" b/w "Juanita's Place," Burt Bacharach, Liberty 55934, 12/66

"Another Night" b/w "Go With Love," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12181, 12/66

HERE WHERE THERE IS LOVE (LP featuring "Go With Love," "What the World Needs Now is Love," "I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself," "Here Where There is Love," "Trains and Boats and Planes," etc....), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 555, 12/66


"Only Love Can Break a Heart," Margaret Whiting, (pop #96), 1967

"Alfie" b/w "The Beginning Of Loneliness," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12187 (#18, #5 RnB) 3/67 (BB 5/27/67)

ON STAGE AND IN THE MOVIES (LP) Dionne Warwick, Scepter 559, 1967

"Alfie" b/w "Bond Street" Burt Bacharach, A&M 845, 3/67

"Casino Royale" (From the movie CASINO ROYALE), Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, A&M 850 (Pop #27) 4/67 (BB 4/29/67)

CASINO ROYALE Soundtrack LP (featuring ), Colgems 5005, 1967

"The Windows Of The World" b/w "Walk Little Dolly," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12196 (#32), 7/67 (BB 8/26/67)

THE WINDOWS OF THE WORLD (LP featuring "Windows of the World," "Walk Little Dolly," "I Say a Little Prayer," "The Beginning of Loneliness," "Another Night," "(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me," etc.....) Dionne Warwick, Scepter 563, 1967

"The Look Of Love," Dusty Springfield, Philips 40465, (pop #22) 7/67 (BB 10/14/67)

"I Say A Little Prayer," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12203, (pop #4) 10/67 (BB 11/4/64)

ON THE FLIP SIDE (TV Soundtrack LP), Rick Nelson, Decca 4826, 1967

DIONNE WARWICK'S GOLDEN HITS, PART ONE, Dionne Warwick, Scepter 565, 1967

"Reach Out For Me" b/w "The Look Of Love," Burt Bacharach, A&M 888, 12/67

REACH OUT, Burt Bacharach, A&M 413, 1967


VALLEY OF THE DOLLS (LP), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 568, 1968

"Do You Know The Way To San Jose" b/w "Let Me Be Lonely," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12216, (a-side pop #10, #23 RnB, b-side #71, June) 4/68 (BB 4/27/68)

"The Look Of Love," Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66, A&M 924, (pop #4), 5/68 (BB 6/1/68)

"This Guy's In Love With You," Herb Alpert, A&M 929, (pop #1), 5/68

"Message To Michael" b/w "Are You There (With Another Girl)," Burt Bacharach, A&M 931, 5/68

"(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me" b/w "Who Is Gonna Love Me?," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12226, (pop #33), 8/68

"I Say A Little Prayer," Aretha Franklin, Atlantic 2546, (pop #10, R&B #3), 8/68

"To Wait For Love," Herb Alpert, A&M 964, (pop #51), 8/68

"Promises, Promises" b/w "Whoever You Are, I Love You," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12231, (pop #19), 10/68 (BB 11/23/68)

PROMISES, PROMISES (LP featuring "Promises, Promises," "This Girl Is In Love With You," "Who Is Gonna Love Me," "Whoever You Are I Love You," "Wanting Things," etc....), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 571, 1968

PROMISES, PROMISES, (Original Cast LP), United Artists 9902, 1969

"The Bell That Couldn't Jingle" b/w "What The World Needs Now Is Love," Burt Bacharach, A&M 1004, 12/68


"This Girl's In Love With You" b/w "Dream Sweet Dreamer," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12241, (pop & R&B #7), 1/69 (BB 2/8/69)

"Any Day Now," Percy Sledge, (pop #86), 1969

"The April Fools," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12249, 5/69


"I'll Never Fall In Love Again" b/w "Pacific Coast Highway," Burt Bacharach, A&M 1064, 5/69

MAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF, Burt Bacharach, A&M 4188, 1969

"Odds And Ends" b/w "As Long As There's An Apple Tree," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12256, 7/69

"I'm A Better Man," Englebert Humperdinck, Parrot 40040, 8/69

"Baby It's You," Smith, Dunhill 4206 (Pop #5), 9/69

"In The Land Of Make Believe," Dusty Springfield, Atlantic 2673, (pop #113) 9/69

"Walk On By," Isaac Hayes (pop #30), 1969

"Love Was Here Before The Stars," Englebert Humperdinck, Parrot LP 71026, 1969

"Any Day Now," Elvis Presley, RCA, 1969

"Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head," B.J. Thomas, Scepter 12265 (pop #1), 11/69

BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID (Soundtrack LP), A&M 4227, 1969

"Come Touch The Sun" b/w "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head," Burt Bacharach, A&M 1153, 12/69

"I'll Never Fall In Love Again" b/w "What The World Needs Now is Love," Dionne Warwick, Scepter 12273, (pop #6, RnB #17) 12/69

DIONNE WARWICK'S GOLDEN HITS, PART 2 (LP), Dionne Warwick, Scepter 577, 1969

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