This Guy's in Love with You

Eb             Abmaj7
 You see this guy

 this guy's in love with you

Eb             Amaj7
 Yes, I'm in love

    C7sus     G9  G7  Cm7     
who looks at you the way I do

Bbm7           Eb9sus Eb7
when you smile I can  tell

   Abmaj7           Abm6           
we know each other very well

   Gm7    Cm7           Fm9
how can I show you I'm glad

I got to know you, 'cause:

{*} Eb                   Abmaj7
      I've heard some talk

 they say you think I'm fine

Eb               Abmaj7
  Yes, I'm in love

    G7sus    G9  G7  Cm7
and what I'd do  to make you mine,

Bbm7         Eb9sus  Eb7          
tell me now, is  it  so?

      Abmaj7        Abm6
Don't let me be the last to know.

    Gm7       Cm7
My hands are shaking

      Fm9     Bb9sus           
don't let my heart  keep breaking, 'cause

Eb           Abmaj7
 I need your love

Eb           Amaj7
 I want your love

Eb          Dm7 Cm7
 say you're in  love

Cm6 Cm7    F7       Bb   Bbmaj7  Bb7    
in  love with this guy,

if not I'll just die. {rpt * to fade}